Houston & Dallas TX Animal Removal Service

Have you got native or feral animals causing you problems in your home in Dallas or Houston?

Some of these animals can be difficult to get rid of, and even dangerous. At Chimney Wildlife Tech we have an animal and removal control team who can remove wildlife of all sorts from your home, so you no longer have to worry about the problems they are causing you and move on with your life.

What Sets up Apart?

The following sets us apart from other animal control companies in Houston and Dallas:

We have a professional team of animal removal specialists – We have a team of well-trained animal removal specialists who know how their respective animals will behave in certain situations, and who know the proper way to handle even the most dangerous of animals.

We are ethical – We make every effort to handle native animals in a safe and humane way, and we comply with all state and local regulations.

We give discounts for senior citizens, military personnel, and teachers – Because of all the service you’ve done for our community and our country, we would like to repay you with discounts on our animal removal services.

What Animal Control and Removal Services Do We Offer You?

Here are some of the animals that we can remove from your home:

Bat control and removal – Bats can be very noisy and they can cause a lot of mess in your home, especially if they form colonies which can be very hard to remove. We will help you to come up with a plan to exclude bats from your home, and prevent them from being able to return.

Raccoon control and removal – Raccoons can cause all sorts of destruction in your home, and they can be dangerous to handle. We know how to handle them, and to remove them from your home.

Rat control and removal – Rats are a pest who multiply in large numbers and can spread all sorts of parasites and diseases. We will exterminate rats in your home and help you to keep the population under control.

Skunk control and removal – Skunks can spread disease, cause destruction, and be a danger to your family and your pets. We will take them away from your home safely.

Snake control and removal – A snake is the last thing you want inside your home, and you don’t want to be handling snakes yourself. We know how to identify snake species in Houston and Dallas, and we know how to handle them and take them away.

Squirrel Control and removal – Squirrels can cause noise and destruction in your home, even though they are cute. We know how to remove squirrels safely and humanely, and in compliance with regulations.

Our Steps for Animals Control and Removal in Houston and Dallas

Depending on what animal it is you want to remove from your home, we generally take the following steps to remove it:

Step 1: We identity the animal that is causing trouble in your home.

Step 2: We use whatever appropriate method there is to remove it from your home, safely and humanely.

Step 3: We make sure the animal in unable to return to your home by relocating it and sealing their entry points.

Step 4: We sanitize the area in the case of feces or urine, or parasites, to keep your home safe for you and your family.

Contact us today for animal control and removal in Houston or Dallas.

Chimney Wildlife Tech is a chimney sweep and wildlife removal service in Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth.


Decorative Chimney Cap

What can Chimney Wildlife Tech do for your chimney?

inspect for fire worthiness and safety

sweep your firebox and chimney flue

install a full coverage chimney cap

remove any birds or critters living in the chimney

chimney repair or replace any damaged or deteriorating parts

correct back smoking fireplaces

stop leaks

gas logs and glass doors

 Trapped Raccoon

Chimney Wildlife Tech can get rid of these wildlife invasions?

raccoons in the attic / chimney

squirrels in attic / sofit

armadillo digging in your yard

bats behind the siding or in the attic

opossum living under the porch

snake in the laundry room

skunk hole by the a/c unit

Our wildlife removal procedures are identify and remove the wild animal in question, then clean up, repair the damages, and sanitize the infected area for fleas, feces, urine, and parasites.

Senior Citizen Discounts

Military Discounts

Teacher Discounts