Chimney Wildlife Tech is a chimney sweep and wildlife removal service in Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth.


Decorative Chimney Cap


What can Chimney Wildlife Tech do for your chimney?

inspect for fire worthiness and safety

sweep your firebox and chimney flue

install a full coverage chimney cap

remove any birds or critters living in the chimney

chimney repair or replace any damaged or deteriorating parts

correct back smoking fireplaces

stop leaks

gas logs and glass doors

 Trapped Raccoon

Chimney Wildlife Tech can get rid of these wildlife invasions?

raccoons in the attic / chimney

squirrels in attic / sofit

armadillo digging in your yard

bats behind the siding or in the attic

opossum living under the porch

snake in the laundry room

skunk hole by the a/c unit

Our wildlife removal procedures are identify and remove the wild animal in question, then clean up, repair the damages, and sanitize the infected area for fleas, feces, urine, and parasites. 


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